Dr. Scott J. Davidson (Full CV)

2019 – Present: Adjunct Assistant Professor – University of Waterloo

2018 – Present: Postdoctoral Fellow – University of Waterloo

Research topics:

  • Understanding the role of disturbances such as wildfire and resource extraction on carbon dynamics in boreal peatlands
  • Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) to map vegetation communities/greenhouse gas exchange impacted by climatic and anthropogenic disturbance and to monitor restoration success
  • Carbon dynamics from temperate swamps
  • Soil characteristics after seismic line restoration – Boreal Ecosystem Recovery and Assessment (BERA) project
  • Greenhouse gas dynamics at a constructed wetland in Northern Alberta, Canada


2013-2017 PhD – University of Sheffield and San Diego State University

PhD thesis: ‘Scaling methane emissions in spatially heterogeneous Arctic tundra landscapes: the importance of vegetation’

2012-2013 MSc Polar and Alpine Change – University of Sheffield

Thesis: ‘Comparisons of environmental controls on stream and heathland vegetation community composition, Glenshee, Scotland’

2007-2012 MA (Hons) Geography – University of Dundee

Thesis: ‘Vegetation colonisation of a debris-covered glacier, Miage Glacier, Mont Blanc Massif, Italy’


2019 Guest Instructor – University of Waterloo

Graduate course: ‘Managed wetlands: Biogeochemistry’

2018 Sessional Instructor – University of Waterloo

Undergraduate course: ‘Approaches to Research in Physical Geography’

2016 PhD Mentor – British Ecological Society

Undergraduate summer school

2013-2017 Field Instructor – University of Sheffield

‘Arctic ecosystems under a changing climate – Abisko, Sweden’


2017-2018 Ecologist – Atkins Global Ltd

2011-2012 Assistant Ecologist – FDM Ecology


I have presented both oral and poster presentations at numerous international conferences such as the American Geophysical Union, European Geosciences Union, Canadian Geophysical Union and the British Ecological Society annual meetings.