PeatPic Project

We currently have over 20 participants who have been collecting photos over the course of the summer which has been fantastic. Hopefully, we will have 2-3 more participants from Chile, Australia and New Zealand collecting photos over their summer period.

You can see map of participant locations and peatland types within the study here:

Our paper that inspired the PeatPic project, using smartphone photos to look at peatland vegetation phenology across disturbed and undisturbed peatlands has now been published in JGR Biogeosciences:

Davidson, S.J., Goud, E.M., Malhotra, A., Estey, C.O., Korsah, P. and Strack, M. (2021) Linear disturbances shift boreal peatland plant communities toward earlier peak greenness. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences

Project details

Undertaking #peatland fieldwork this summer? Our project is looking at peatland phenology using smartphone photos – see information below if you’d like to get involved! You can fill out the google form here

PeatPic project_ Call for collaborators We are currently looking for collaborators to submit data for the ‘PeatPic’ project led by Dr. Scott J. Davidson, University of Waterloo. The goal of this project is to build a (3)
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