Dr Scott J. Davidson

Dr Scott J. Davidson is a Lecturer in Ecosystem Resilience at the University of Plymouth. Scott completed his undergraduate degree in Geography at the University of Dundee in 2012 and his MSc in Polar and Alpine Change at the University of Sheffield in 2013. In 2017 he was awarded his PhD from the University of Sheffield, looking at greenhouse gas emissions from arctic tundra landscapes in Alaska. Scott’s research is focused on the resilience of peatland and wetland ecosystems to both climate change and disturbance regimes. His research combines field research, laboratory analysis, remote sensing and modelling approaches to better constrain spatio-temporal dynamics of wetland ecosystems. He has nearly a decade’s experience working in northern latitude ecosystems in both Europe and North America. Since 2016, he has published over 20 publications in a variety of high impact journals with > 300 citations to date. Scott is currently the Group Lead for the Plymouth Peatland Research Group and is co-founder of PEAT: Peatland ECR Action Team, which connects early career peatland scientists globally to develop a diverse, inclusive, and supportive research community.

PhD Students

Kate Vogiatzis (2020-2023)

Natasha Underwood (2021-2024)

MSc students

Rosie Oliver (2021-2022)

Undergraduate students

Emma Pitchfork (2022-2023)

Catherine Beale (2022-2023)

Completed students

Meg Schmidt MSc 2019-2021 (University of Waterloo)

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