About Me


I’m a PhD researcher at the University of Sheffield with collaborative links with San Diego State University and Utrecht University.

I am researching linkages between vegetation communities and methane (CH4) emissions at multiple scales in Arctic tundra landscapes. I am interested in i) identifying the key biotic and abiotic drivers of CH4 fluxes across fine-scale micro-topographic features and ii) combining vegetation community analyses with field spectroscopy and remote sensing to improve vegetation mapping and thus enable better understanding of scaling from chamber to eddy covariance tower measurements.

You can check out my CV here: SJDAVIDSON-CV-2017 (Updated 05/05/2017)


My research was highlighted here: Resourcefulness and resilience in the Arctic tundra

Diagram using Lego to illustrate what happens to arctic tundra ecosystems if they become wetter or drier (see @scootjd on Twitter for more on arctic tundra #scicomm)


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